Monday, June 12, 2017

Final Weekly Update

All-Star of the Week
This week we enjoyed getting to know Hank as our final All-Star of the school year.  Hank shared several items in the Share Sack on Monday.  He brought in a Troy baseball trophy, a Disney bracelet from when they stayed on the Disney property, a teddy bear wearing a Jets jersey, his stuffed cheetah Fireball and several pictures of his family and dog.  On Thursday Hank surprised us with a special story.  Instead of reading his own favorite book to the class, he instead wrote a story that included every student from our class.  In Hank's story we played an intense game of baseball and came out as victors!  On Friday Hank enjoyed lunch with his mom, dad and sister. 

Field Day Fun
Click on the link below to check out all the fun photos taken by Mrs. Diebol!
 92 Photos

Room 13 Class Party
Click on the link below to view the pictures from our favorite photographer, Mrs. Diebol.  Thank you Mrs. Hegdal for hosting such amazing class parties this year!

Social Studies
Students finished up traveling around the United States and studying the five regions that we focused on this year.  Each region consisted of several stops to learn about various locations, followed by a brief write-up in our scrapbook..  Take a look at your child's social studies binder to see all of the places we traveled to this year. 

Character Study
To finish up our reading unit on studying main characters in books, students participated in mini-debates to decide who was the better problem solver between Opal from Because of Winn Dixie or Dyamonde from Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel.  Students worked in groups to write down evidence for the character they were supporting, and then followed a debate style discussion to try and convince other classmates to support their character. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Weekly Update

All-Star of the Week
Yaseen was our Amazing All-Star this week!  The class enjoyed seeing pictures of his family and hearing about his different trips.  Yaseen shared some of his favorite items from home, including: a microscope from his aunt, a special pen and keychain from his grandma, a stuffed bear from Beaumont when he got stitches, a fossil from his aunt, and a pouch of international coins.  Yaseen enjoyed a special lunch with his mom on Wednesday.  Everyone laughed out loud at the funny poems he read aloud on Thursday.

Music Share Day
I loved listening to and watching the talent from our classroom on Tuesday!  Students who participated played the piano, created songs using Garage Band, played the guitar, sang, and choreographed a dance...impressive!  Room 13 All-Stars were so supportive of their classmates and encouraged each participant as he/she took his/her turn.  Music Share Day will continue next Tuesday.

STEM Challenge
Well it came to no surprise that the students loved the water bottle flipping challenge!  However, I could only handle the flipping for about 90 minutes.  All bottles were recycled after the challenge.  Students worked to figure out which type of bottle worked best for flipping.  After collecting their data on 4 different types of bottles they created a frequency table, graph or line plot, and calculated the success rate for each bottle.  Check out some of the action shots below.

Basketball Jones
Students had fun at my personal favorite assembly on Wednesday.  Basketball Jones reminded us of what it means to be kind, explained patient listening, and reinforced our classroom philosophy of growth mindset and the power of yet.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Grandparent's and Special Person's Day

All-Star of the Week:  This week we got to know our newest team member, Saichakrika, who joined our class shortly before the International Festival.  She shared several items with us on Monday including a stuffed animal bunny, a necklace from Chuck E Cheese and bracelets from India's Independence Day celebration.  On Tuesday Saichakrika enjoyed her father as a lunch buddy and on Thursday she shared her favorite book with us.  We enjoyed getting to know Saichakrika more as a Room 13 All-Star!

Grandparent's and Special Person's Day:  What a fantastic event we had this year!  Thank you to all of the grandparents and special people that were able to join us.  We even had some visitors from out of state.  Yaseen's aunt was visiting us from Arizona and Braeden's grandparents were here from New York!  Everyone enjoyed a fun filled morning showing off what we do at school each day along with some tasty breakfast treats and music from the International Festival.  Thank you to everyone who donated some items or food to help make this day so special.